You Will Get There…

Don't let anyone or anything deter you from your goals! There may be a few obstacles in your way. You may even have to start all over again. But don't give up, stay focused and driven, you will get there!


DIY: How to Make Fabric Covered Button Earrings

I stumbled upon fabric covered button earrings while researching jewelry making ideas. I found that button earrings are a quick inexpensive and easy way to make a stylish accessory. At first thought about using plastic or wooden buttons, glue earring posts to the back of them to make a cute, inexpensive pair of stud earrings. … Continue reading DIY: How to Make Fabric Covered Button Earrings

DIY: How to Make a Dinosaur Planter

I developed a love for gardening from my grandparents (vegetable and flower) so don't be surprised if you see plenty of gardening blogs from me. Anyway, in the past few years I have become a little obsessed with succulents and cactus.

Welcome to Naturally Crafty DIY

Hello, thank you for stopping by, allow me to introduce my self. My name is Stephanie Sprinkel, wife, mother, gardener, crafter, DIYer and now blogger. Since I was a child, I have always loved to create things. Taking time for arts and crafts was my favorite activity in school and girl scouts. Although my creativity … Continue reading Welcome to Naturally Crafty DIY