The cooler weather is upon us in the northern US and it is time to bring the succulent plants inside. My plants did very well outside during the summer months, they have multiplied quite a bit. I have made my share of Dinosaur Planters for myself and friends and I wanted something a little more “adult” in my home decor. While scrolling through Pinterest, I found this great idea for upcycling a teacup and turning it into a planter. So in this short tutorial I will show you my version of the Teacup Planter.

Supplies you need:

  • Soil
  • teacup
  • succulent plants of your choice
  • aquarium pebbles or small rocks
Teacup planter supplies

Step 1-Place small rocks at the bottom of the teacup

This will help with drainage. Succulents do not grow well is the soil is too wet. They hold enough water on there own, after all they are in the same family as cactus.

Small rocks for drainage

Step 2-Add soil and succulent clippings

You can find specially formulated potting soil for succulents and cactus at your local Lowes, Home Depot or nursery of your choice. This potting soil drains water faster because again, succulents do not need the soil that holds a lot of moisture. Then take clippings from larger, established plants, created a hole with a finger or the eraser end of a pencil and placed the stem in the hole. I played around with the arrangement of the plants a bit before I settled on a look that I liked. I found that the teacup looked better with taller plants in the middle and smaller ones around the edge. Once I found a pleasing arrangement, I lightly pack the dirt around the stem. Only use 3-4 clippings because once they take root, they will really start to multiply and your teacup will become crowded in no time.

Plant clippings

Step 3-Add decorative pebbles

I purchased mine from the Dollar Store. If you want pebbles that are more colorful or compliment the colors of your teacup, feel free to shop for aquarium rocks at your local pet store. Simply add enough pebbles to cover the soil. I also like to add decorative pebbles because they allow the water to seep into the soil a little slower.

Teacup with decorative pebbles added

So there you have it! A simple but cute way to display your succulents indoors. This one will have a home in my kitchen window. An appropriate spot for a teacup (in the kitchen) and it will get plenty of sunlight there-succulents love the sun!


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