All of That “#Inspirational” Stuff Really Does Work!

I will admit it-this morning I woke up in an awful mood. Was it the Monday blues? Partially I suppose. I know I did not want to go to work this morning. But I know that there is more to it. I went to bed in an awful mood. As I referred to in my prior post, The White Moose, I have my in-laws living in my home with my husband and I. The two of them live in a world of negativity and bitterness and quite honestly, so far gone in their anger and despair to change their outlook on life. They have no idea how to see the bright side or even where to begin to find it. I try my best to ignore them, but some days it’s just not easy. Sunday was a particular rough day with the in-laws, without going into much detail it was apparent that they in their own selfish world. There’s a lack of consideration for others, including my husband and I. So needless to say I woke up in an awful mood.

People inspire you, or they drain you-pick them wisely.
I tried to get on with my day the best I could. I went to work despite wanting to stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over my head. I dealt with a few phone calls and emails, but I wasn’t feeling very motivated. Today is kind of slow so I was jotting down a few ideas for future blog posts. I was hoping to come up with a crafty DIY, I have a few in mind but all of my ideas just seemed pretty lame at the time. Usually being crafty is therapeutic for me, but finding my creativity is hard when I’m distracted.

So I logged into my WordPress site just to read what other bloggers had to say this morning. It seems like everyone had an encouraging word. I guess so many bloggers/creatives/artists are in touch with the need to start the week off write and encourage others to achieve greatness. Or at least the best person they can be for that day. I stumbled upon a blog that I immediately fell in love with, Monday Motivation: Breaking Through The Obstacles  by  syl65’s Blog. I suggest everyone read it. It has video that I loved so much I watched it twice. Tell your friends about it and most importantly share it with your kids, but it can motivate anyone at any age. I felt like I was just feeling sorry for myself after reading this post. I also checked out Instagram and Pinterest or additional words of wisdom. Have my in issues been resolved? No. But I have been given a gentle reminder to rise above the negativity and I am reassured that this is temporary situation and it will not bring me down. All things are possible with faith in myself and hard work. I pretty much feel that I can achieve greatness now!

Awesome things will happen…
I will try my best to never let my in-laws or anyone else get into my head like that again. I will also try long walks or trips to the gym. I do not have time for destructive negativity or someone else’s bad attitude. Has anyone else had a case of the blues and found that a quote, story or even a song that turned there day around? Or what other things do you try to get out of your “funk”?

For every minute of anger…

13 thoughts on “All of That “#Inspirational” Stuff Really Does Work!

  1. I’ve been in a funk, also. And I can relate to wanting to be crafty but feeling like my ideas just don’t cut it. I’ve been trying to get outside a couple times a day and walk in nature. There’s so much beauty in this world. We forget to appreciate it I think. Anyway, sorry about the negative influences in your life. I have a few of those myself. Hang in there! 🌞

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  2. Oh yes! Often I need help to overcome negativity, and it frequently comes from other people’s blog posts, or hearing a favorite song, and best of all, when someone takes the time to make a kind gesture. I’m so sorry about the situation with your inlaws, but glad you are fining ways to cope. All that negativity would be very hard to live with!

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  3. I don’t know how you do it. It would drive me nuts to be in constant contact with negativity. Good for you for recognizing that it was changing you and that you needed to consciously take steps to overcome it before it consumed you too. I love to take long country drives to get me out of my funk. Maybe you could try that too. I look forward to your next project!


    1. Thank you so much! It’s something that I deal with an recognize everyday, but I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. Another family member has asked the in-laws to move in with them-out of state! I think they will be on there way by Thanksgiving!

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  4. I really like this post.
    I find that if I can make something or do a little something not kid related every day, that it helps me stay sane.
    Carving out time for myself to be creative helps me to have more energy for my kids.
    I too have problems with people in my life whose negativity gets to me.

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    1. Thank you! Fortunately my husband noticed that I was stressed so he booked us a trip to Florida! We are here now, feeling relaxed and mentally recharging!

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