To My Fellow Bloggers


Like the saying goes-turn your mess into a message. As a blogger sometimes it’s hard to open up yourself to the world. But you can teach and inspire others in a way you’ve never known.

6 thoughts on “To My Fellow Bloggers

  1. That sound true to many but should I ask, if we are to tell all our stories do you honestly we will come up with inspiring stuff or some stories are better left unspoken for they ain’t inspiring but instigations toward cruelty, violence etc? Just asking


    1. Well as I said-you can turn your mess into a message. Battles with addiction, illness, family problems, financial problems, messy break-ups/divorce, etc. We’ve all been through challenges in life. We’ve all made mistakes. We all have a story of a difficult time in our lives but we made it through. There could be someone out there going through the same thing and they need to hear that it’s not the end of the road for them. They will get through it and become stronger from it. I’m speaking of sending a positive message to the reader, not instigating violence.


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