October is here and it is the season of ghosts and goblins, spook or be spooked and most importantly tricks or treats. And for many it is a month long celebration. In honor of this bewitching season I have created a door wreath to greet trick or treaters. I think it came out pretty well so I would like to share this Halloween door wreath DIY with you.

This is what you’ll need:


  • Styrofoam ring
  • black spray paint (I used an interior/exterior paint since the wreath will be on my front door)
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Newspaper
  • a roll of black tulle
  • a roll of orange tulle
  • Assorted rolls (I used 6 for a good variety, you can use more or less if you choose) of orange, white and black ribbon, solids and patterned
  • Wooden letters “B-O-O”

****Not pictured-scissors, ruler and clear coat protective paint (clear coat is optional)****

Step 1-Paint

Paint the styrofoam ring black. You only need to paint the front and the edges, no one is going to see the back of the ring. Spray two coats because the styrofoam is porous and it absorbs the paint.

While the ring dries, paint the wooden letters with the orange acrylic paint. Use two coats on the letters as well. When the letters dry, you can opt to spray clear coat over them to make them shine and protect the wood from the outside elements.

Step 2-Cutting tulle and ribbon


First cut the tulle into 18 inch long strips. I cut 12 orange and 12 black strips of tulle. I continued on to cut 4 strips of each ribbon color to start. You may find later that you will need to cut a few more strips of ribbon depending on how full you would like the finished project to be.

Step 3-Tying on the ribbon


It’s getting fun now! This is where you can make your wreath look any way you would like and it’s pretty easy. I simply wrap the ribbon around the styrofoam ring (hopefully it’s dry by now) and tie a knot to secure it. No need for burning your fingers on a hot glue gun on this one…yay!! I kind of tied the tulle on opposite sides of the ring to give some sort of balance to my wreath. But you don’t have to, I’m just slightly OCD. Add more ribbon as needed until your wreath is as full as you like. Once all of the ribbons are tied on, you can trim some of them down with scissors if they seem somewhat longer than the others. Or you can leave them alone if you like.

Step 4-Adding the “BOO”

This is the final big step. Find the part of the wreath that you want to be the top. Use an orange ribbon to wrap around the top part of the “B” and tie a knot. Then tie the ribbon with the letter attached it, to the wreath. Then grab and “O” and tie the top of that to the bottom of the “B” with the orange ribbon. Make sure the knot of the ribbon is in the back of the letters and cut any extra ribbon so that it cannot be seen from the front. Next, grab the last “O” and tie the top to the bottom of the other “O”. Again, make sure the knot from the ribbon is in the back and cut off the extra so it cannot be seen from the front.

Step 5-Hang the wreath


Pretty self explanatory step right there. I did add a little piece of black ribbon to make a loop to hang the wreath from the hook.

Now step back and take a look at your creation. Pretty festive don’t you think? Enjoy your Halloween everyone!!


10 thoughts on “Halloween Wreath DIY

    1. Oh thank you! This wreath was pretty easy. I’m still working on the photography aspect. Editing with PicMonkey is my go to when it comes to photos.


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