I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I often have odd dreams. But the one I had the other night has really struck me in a way that no other dream has.  So, here it goes:

My dog Lucy needed to go outside and when I opened the door I was suddenly transported to the backyard of my childhood home. When I looked back inside, the interior was that of my childhood home as well. But my husband was there, so I was definitely in the present day. Now here comes the odd part that has stuck with me, across the street standing in the middle of the neighborhood ball fields were these two GINORMOUS white moose! They were the size of my house! Their size and stunning white coats took my breathe away. It took a minute, but once I recovered from what I saw, an incredible calm feeling came over me. My only worry was for my little Lucy girl, who would not stop barking at them. Her incessant barking caught the moose’s attention. Very slowly, they both almost seemed to glide over toward our house. Not the usual lumbering that you would see from a moose. As they got closer to Lucy…that was it, like that the dream was over. I woke up.

I went on with my morning as usual. Showered, dressed and off to work. It was around 10 AM when I realized, I had a weird dream about white moose?!  I shared my crazy dream with my co-worker. It had me thinking “this dream must mean something”. So I went to my computer and began my research! I googled “what does a dream about a white moose mean”,”white moose dream”, “moose dream”, “albino moose dream” an every other combination of white, albino, moose and dream that I could think of. I found some amazing analysis and insight from different dream interpretation websites that all said just about the same thing. There weren’t as many published stories about white moose dreams, that I had hoped (perhaps they are as rare as the actual species) but the explanations that I did find were along the same lines. The moose is obviously a large animal that is very strong. But is also very adaptable, swift moving and quiet. It lives its life balancing between strength and passiveness, awkward yet graceful. And throughout its journey through life, a moose is always moving forward. The moose is for the most part independent and free moving, due to its power and speed it can go wherever it wants without fear. To dream of a moose symbolizes your power and strength and your compassion and kindness. Freedom and independence is being express through the moose. Native Americans revere the moose as one of the spirit animals and a white animal is a symbol of positivity. Another common thread of all the articles that I read was that moose may mean there is  an elder in your family to be watched for and learned from.

I found many interpretations of my dream because I have a few things I am trying to deal with right now. I’ll start with the reference toward elders, because it is quite funny to me. I have 2 white moose living in my home-they are my retirement aged, gray haired in-laws that have “temporarily” moved-in with my husband and I. I’m not sure of what kind of knowledge I’m supposed to gain from them, except for learning from their mistakes. And everyday is a balance of strength and passiveness to tolerate a somewhat controlling, opinionated mother-in-law. Yes, there is turmoil in my home and everyday I must adapted and move forward, with grace.

For some time now, I have been ready for a shift in my life. I am tired of the 9-5, the mundane 40 hour work week sitting behind a desk. I have opened up and Etsy shop The Sprinkle Boutique and after toying with the idea for over a year, I have dedicated myself to blogging. I hope someday that blogging and sales from my store will be my only source of income. I yearn for the freedom of being my own boss and creating my own rules. In other words, having the power over my own life. All my free time for the past few months has been spent reading other blogs, reading up on SEO, ordering books about social marketing and also creating more inventory for my Etsy shop. I have kept all of this a secret from my friends and family except for my husband of course. He sort of gets it, he’s being supportive but not asking a lot of questions so I’m sure how much of this he understands. Now is my time to be strong, independent and rise above the voices of any nay-sayers I may come across that do not understand my journey, what I’m trying to accomplish and how I’m going to get there. For now I’m going to quietly trudge forward reach my goals and set new ones until I have the freedom, independence and power that I am searching for. I’m going to be a MOOSE!

This beautiful animal is now my spirit animal. Was this dream a part of my sub-consciousness. I have a friend that is a medium and I know that she would tell me that someone from my past is trying to speak to me. All I know is that I had this dream for a reason. I was meant to read about the awesome moose, white, albino or otherwise. It’s a pretty cool beast and maybe we should all live the way they do. A balance of strength and kindness, being able to show your swiftness and power but also knowing when to be quite and a little introverted could be a good thing for all of us. This world may be a little better off these days. So to all of you I say “BE A MOOSE” and have a great day!


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