I stumbled upon fabric covered button earrings while researching jewelry making ideas. I found that button earrings are a quick inexpensive and easy way to make a stylish accessory. At first thought about using plastic or wooden buttons, glue earring posts to the back of them to make a cute, inexpensive pair of stud earrings. But while searching the web I found out about fabric covered buttons. There are kits sold in Walmart or Jo Anne Fabrics (the most popular brand is made by Dritz) that contains the plain silver cover and the backing. Several sizes are available from 7/16″ to 1 7/8″. For this tutorial, I will be using a 3/4 in (about the size of a penny) button cover. You can go smaller or larger if you like.

What You Need:


  • Fabric of your choice
  • Button Shell
  • Button Back
  • Template
  • Button Mold
  • Pusher
  • Earring post and Backs
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Chalk, pen or sharpie to draw your template

The button cover kit that you have should have a template located on the back of the packaging, button shell, button back, mold and pusher/pushing tool included. So all you’ll need to purchase separately is the fabric and the earring post and back. Now the fun part-let’s make a pair of earrings!


Use the template and a pen, sharpie or white chalk to draw a circle around the section of fabric you wish to use and cut.

Lay the button shell over the fabric and place on top of the mold.

Push fabric covered shell into the mold with your thumb, then fold the remaining fabric into the mold covering the back of the shell.

Place the button backing on top of the fabric and shell. Using the pushing tool, push down on the button back until you can feel it snap into place.

Peel the mold away for the newly made button and “Voila” you have just made a button!

Use a pair of wire cutters to remove the shank from the button back and glue (I used E6000) the earring post to the back.


You now have a new pair of handmade earrings. So fun and so easy!! I know it may look like quite a few steps but it took me about 5 minutes (not including drying time for the glue) to make a pair of earrings.

You can leave the shank on and use them as actual buttons to go with your newest sewing project. In fact, a number of projects can be created with these versatile fabric covered buttons and I will be posting how-to’s for them soon.I love making these so much that I do carry them at my Etsy Shop The Sprinkle Boutique. Feel free to check out my store by clicking the “Shop” link in the header. Please, because my husband is wondering what I’m going to do  with the inventory I’ve created. Or your can gather your own inspiration for project ideas from what I have online. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!


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