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Hello, thank you for stopping by, allow me to introduce my self. My name is Stephanie Sprinkel, wife, mother, gardener, crafter, DIYer and now blogger. Since I was a child, I have always loved to create things. Taking time for arts and crafts was my favorite activity in school and girl scouts. Although my creativity was not necessarily artistic (drawing and painting were not my strong suits) I could “make” things. But in the late 1970’s, girls in my generation were encouraged to pursue wok outside of the home. Creativity was a bit stifled at some point. By time I got to high school art classes were no longer a requirement to graduate. By my college years, I had to know what I wanted as a career. I remember my mother coming home with a gift from her boss because it was “National Secretary’s Day”. Which has since been changed to “National Administrative Assistants Day” or something like that. Anyway, I headed off to college wanting to become a journalist-a sport’s writer to be exact. Opps, women hadn’t quite broken down that barrier yet. Somehow my major morphed into becoming a teacher, with an emphasis on Early Childhood/Preschool Education. I guess that’s because there were so many preschools opening because of all those moms working outside of the home. In class one particular day, the professor lectured about teacher’s salaries across the country. I immediately thought “Are you kidding me!”  I was appalled by the low wages mainly, but I also felt for goodness sake, show these teacher’s some respect and pay them better! If you can read this blog then thank your teacher. In fact I should thank the teachers(s) who showed me how to write! Needless to say, I quickly began losing interest in my major. I eventually dropped out of school feeling lost and not knowing where to go next. I did however earn enough credits to get certification as a daycare teacher. I did know that I loved time with the little ones. Have you ever sat down had lunch and one-on-one conversation with a 3 year old? When you sit down at that little table in a little chair next to them and speak to them eye to eye, you’ll so much about yourself and the world around you. Possibly more than you would having a conversation with a 30 year old who thinks they know everything

In the early 1990’s. I married to my high school sweetheart in the suburbs of Maryland and we moved to his childhood hometown of San Diego, CA. I was thrilled and excited about the change from East Coast girt to West Coast girl. I greeted everyone and everything new that I experienced with a smile and enthusiasm…and I completely lost all my focus! I really enjoyed my new life at the beach but getting up at 6 am to hang out with preschoolers proved to be difficult. After all, telling the daycare director that I needed nap time just as bad the kids because I had a long night was frowned upon. So the world of retail seemed to answer my current needs, most stores didn’t open until 10 am. It didn’t fulfill me, but it paid the rent and for my happy hour tab!

I lived that life for about 3 years until I decided to grow up. So next came babies and another move to another city. Within 3 years, the high school sweetheart and I had 2 kids and we were living in Tampa, FL. I jumped around from one uninteresting, uninspired job to the next. From retail management there was hotel management, then administrative assistant at any company that was looking for an admin. What trade the company specialized at did not matter.  I was really good at being organized and keeping my supervisors on task. I also got a few nice gift cards and lunches for “National Administrative Assistant Day” or whatever it’s called. I know what you’re thinking {insert YAWN here}.  In the 2000’s I divorced the high school sweetheart, tackled single parenthood for 10 years and battled stage 3 colon cancer-while being a single parent. Times were rough, but I really did find out who was there for me and my children.

Today I am healthy, well cancer free at least. I could lose a few pounds though. I’m remarried to a man that no one, including myself would have pick for me in a million years. He calls me his “my beautiful wife” everyday like that’s my name and treats me like his queen. Those 2 kids that I had are now in college, the oldest is due to graduate in May 2017. My husband bought a wonderful stepson into my life with two outspoken, strong-willed and hilarious granddaughters. And what I have I realized through this 45-ish yearlong roller coaster ride that I have been on? I should have been a “maker”. I should have spent more time sharing my love of arts and crafts with my kids. I should have taken the time and money to buy that sewing machine and made my own pillows for sofa with matching curtains. Should have taken more time to stop and smell the roses that were growing in my flower garden. I should have made more home cooked meals with fresh tomatoes from my vegetable garden and had less fast food and carryout. I should have been a homemaker because all I’ve ever wanted to do is make a happy, more natural, resourceful home for my family. I don’t have to be an executive or CEO and that is perfectly fine!

So this blog was created to inspire other creatives, other “makers”, give a few DIY tips decorating tips for home and garden. I may even include a recipe or two. Everything I write about or review will be made and/or tested by me. Any feedback that you may have will be much appreciated. On top of this page I have my link to my Etsy Shop The Sprinkle Boutique . I created the shop because I truly love everything that I have listed there and I can’t create just one of it so I have to share. Besides, my husband keeps asking “what are you going to do with all of this?” so I guess sell it is the answer.

So feel free to follow me, check on me every once in a while, see my newest listings at the Esty shop. But always remember to live the life you want to have no matter how young or old you are!

17 thoughts on “Welcome to Naturally Crafty DIY

  1. Very detailed and interesting introduction. Life is so crazy how you go in expecting one thing but life has so many twists and turns planned until you find what you’re supposed to do and where you’re supposed to be.


  2. Well done, it takes a long time to finally find ‘self’…but that is its purpose, so that because of what you have gone through, you will appreciate what it has taken to reach this point in your life 🙂


    1. You’re right, it did take me a long time lol! And I’m so excited to see what my future holds. And I’m actually feeling stronger and more courageous everyday!

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  3. I so enjoyed reading your introduction! I’m always curious as to why people get into crafting and I was also curious because you live in Baltimore – not far from where I live – Millersville, MD. I do mostly craft tutorials and it’s always great finding another crafty!


    1. Hi Gail! You’re not going to believe this, but I grew up in Millersville, MD! Graduated from Old Mill Senior High many moons ago! So wonderful to connect with you!


  4. Hi Stephanie, I am Stephanie, too, and your story sounds a lot like my story. I graduated w a family studies major, didn’t know what to do with it, so I took another major (elementary ed) by default. Tried teaching but didn’t like it. I love kids but don’t like forcing them to sit in their little rows when they’d rather be outside.

    Eventually became a technical writer, which I enjoyed but stopped after having a baby.

    While she’s in school (she’s a tween now), I’ve been painting furniture that I hope to sell. Be sure to visit me tomorrow at http://www.thewritesteph.com and let me know what you think of my crafting!


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  5. After reading your intro, I can’t wait to see more of your blog. You sound like the resolution of the panicked questions I constantly ask myself – what are you doing? where are you going? what do you want to do? It is sometimes scary, but I want to believe that happiness and fulfillment are more important than “good jobs” and “fast-paced careers”. DIY and recipe reviews are my first step to finding that sweet spot that can be fulfilling and financially stable…hopefully lol.

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